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English Speaking Classes

NIFM  Educational Institutions  offers comprehensive courses in English Speaking and communication.  The role of spoken English and communication skills has been widely acknowledged in present scenario. There is no dearth of opportunities, worldwide, for candidate with required skill sets and impeccable communication skill. These courses offered by NIFM,  aim to equip all the students with confidence and broaden their skill sets for wider opportunities in competent job market. 

The course structure emphasizes on improving the competency of students in all the four modules of English Language, i.e. Speaking, reading, writing and listening.


Courses Offered:

Elementry                            4 months     (120 hrs.)

Intermediate                         3 months     (90 hrs.)

Advance                              2 months     (60 hrs)

IELTS                                  1 month       (60 hrs.)

Personality Development       1 month       (20 hrs.)

Interview handling                 Customized

Creative writing                     2 months      (60 hrs.)

Group Discussion                 I months       (20 hrs.)       

IELTS  Preparations              40 hrs. (1 month crash Course)



Course Content:


Grammar: understanding the basic sentence structure and usage.

Complete Grammar segments.

Application of grammar in conversation practice.

Vocabulary enhancement: basic to topic based to improve  expressions.

Spoken practice

English Speaking

Group Discussions

Role Plays


Presentation Skills  

Interview Handling

Personality Development

Confidence Building

Writing skills

Public speaking


Procedure for Admission in English Speaking Course Classes

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