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Investment Analysis Portfolio Management I AM INTERESTED Back

NFIM certified Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management course is a 2 monts course with dual certification course, students will get certify form NIFM and as well as from NSE for investment analysis and portfolio management.

Program HighlightsGet certify form NFIM insitute.
Get certify form NSE.
Get mock exam test paper online.

Get help in upgrading the job.
Can work as portfolio or fund manager in a company.
Get classes form world class faculties.

Program Fee - 25,000 + GST
Program duration – 2 Months

MBA & BBA Students
Working Professionals
Traders & Investors
BA. B.com. B.Sc. Pursuing Students
Those who wants to pursue the career in financial service

NIFM Certified investment analyst and portfolio manager
NCFM Certification in Investment analysis and portfolio management by NSE (National Stock Exchange) 

Theoritical Classes:
Monday-Wednesday-Friday/Tuesday-Thrusday-Saturday /Saturday-Sunday
Practical Classes:
Monday to Friday (All days-Full Time 10.00am-3.30pm as per candidate requirement)


Module 1: Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management NSE NCFM CertificationObjectives of Investment Decisions (Introduction, Types of Investors, Constraints, Goals of Investors)
Financial Markets (Introduction, Primary & Secondary Markets, Trading in Secondary Markets, The Money Market, Repos and Reverses, The Bond Market, Common Stocks, etc.)
Fixed Income Securities (Introduction : The time value of Money, Simple and Compound Interest Rates, Real and Nominal Interest Rates, Bond Pricing Fundamentals, Bond Yields, Interest Rates, Macaulay Duration and Modified Duration, etc.)
Capital Market Efficiency (Introduction, Market Efficiency, Departures from the EMH)
Financial Analysis and Valuation (Introduction, The Analysis of Financial Statement, Financial Ratios, The Valuation of common Stocks, Technical Analysis)
Modern Portfolio Theory (Introduction, Diversification and Portfolio Risks, Equilibrium Module: The Capital Asset Pricing Module, etc.)
Valuation of Derivatives (Introduction, Forwards and Futures, Call and Put Options, Forward and Future Pricing, Option Pricing, Black-Scholes Formula, etc.)
Investment Management (Introduction, Investment Companies, Active vs. Passive Portfolio Management, Costs of Management : Entry/Exit Loads and Fees, Net Asset Value, Classification of Funds, Other Investment Companies, Performance Assessment of managed funds, etc.)

This course will upgrade your knowledge

to upgrade yourself in your job or investment


Dual certification form NIFM and NSE NCFM 

Career Opportunity

After completing this certificate you can get job in Indian and International broking houses, Banks, Asset management Company, Hedge funds, PE funds, NBFC, KPO’s and credit rating Agency.


The candidate should Minimum graduate

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