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Hello Friends, 

Everybody wants to earn money from share market but is it possible easly? No! Beacause all trading with out any analysis, this is highly risky if you are trading without analysis in market. If you know the basic knowledge of stock market then you have to learn TECHNICAL ANALYSIS or FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS from NIFM. These are advance course for traders who have knowledge about stock market otherwise they have to learn the basic course like SMART INVESTOR COURSE from NIFM. 

There are so many candlestick and chart patterns in Technical Analysis which will help you in Intraday, Short term and Long term Trading. 

We found a bearish chart pattern in NIFTY that is not yet complete but if you will see our attached image you can easly understand. That is Inverted Head & Shoulder pattern yet not complete we are pridicting nifty may fall from this level (7950) to 7550 level Stop Loss will be around 8050. This is personal view. Rest we have to wait for result.

Nifty may correct according to bearish chart pattern
Posted on: 21-Apr-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
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