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Namaste Ji!!! Badhai ho!!!

First of all Congratulation to US New president Mr. Donald Trump about his historical win against Hillary Clinton.  Hope you will take some good and strong decision against the terrorist and financial market like our Prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

Now everyone wants to know about the view of Mr. Donald Trump (President of America).

Mr. Trump thinks of India as a potential market for America-- a place where he can locate a hotel or pursue a similar business opportunity.  He doesn't mind doing business in countries where the population are of another color or religious faith; he is simply want to do the project here for profit. There is absolutely no evidence he has negative attitudes about India. Like most market analyst saying that he wants America to be successful in global market, but he also sees the benefit of utilizing some of India's growing educated workforce.

Mr. President has no any policy for India right now. But his foreign policy ideas are still being formulated.  If he were, God forbid, the president, I believe his desire to cut good deals for the US would make him continue to forge positive ties with India.  But as he said he wants American on top in that case might possible he will do something for Americans in that case Indians may lose their jobs. He would undoubtedly promote trade and commerce between the two countries, while not openly encouraging the shipping of more American jobs to India.

India’s software companies accounted for $82 billion-worth of exports in last year ending in March 2015, as per RBI; 60% of that figure came from North America.

Indian outsourcing giants TCS, Wipro and Infosys are heavy users of the H-1B visas. The IT industry has genuine concerns as Trump has shifted his position several times on the H-1B program. In his campaign, Trump proposed restricting the program and criticised it for giving away coveted entry-level IT jobs to workers flown in cheaper from countries like India, In that case unemployment will increase. This sector will affect if he do anything wrong against IT Sector.

Trump knew about India that it is one of the fastest growing in the country and find itself in a perfect alignment with the American style of economic functioning. India has given the massive market, cheap but meritocratic labour, India finds itself a perfect partner for America which has the businesses and the money. 

In short we have to wait for sometimes what he is planning for Americans. No doubt Indians will lose some job but still we have to be positive. What he is planning for Americans as well as outsider. Soon it will clear. As a trader you have to careful, policies of America is not clear. On Technical chart Nifty is still performing well on weekly chart, respecting the 8000 levels, trader should careful if it breaks 8000 level and close below 8000. Be positive, be cautious.

Best of Luck.

Effect of US Election Result in Indian market
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