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Aluminium Weekly Technical Outlook 18 to 22th Aug
Aluminum august contract inched 2.85 rupees down to settle at 121.05 for the week. As we can see in chart provided above, metal has witnessed a nice reversal from significant resistance of 124 and settled with a bearish engulfing pattern on weekly chart. 

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Silver Technical Outlook 13.08.2014
Silver trading range for the day is expected among the key support at 43250 and resistance at 44310.

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Natural Gas Technical outlook for this week 11 to 15 aug
Natural gas witnesses recovery from potential reversal zones and settled well near 50% Fibonacci correction for the entire swing from the low of 99.50 to high of 402.70.

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Lead bearish harami candlestick pattern avoid long 07.08.2014
Lead was influenced by bearish harami candlestick pattern that has appeared on Tuesday. 

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Copper Technical outlook for short term trading 5.8.2014
Copper trading range for the day is expected among the key support at 434 and resistance at 439.5.

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Natural Gas Short Term Outlook 31.07.2014
Natural gas august contract closed at 228.90 unchanged. Natural gas is trying to form a base near 225 zones.

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Zinc Technically given reversal signal Doji on Daily Chart 28.07.2014
Zinc has settled with ainverted cross doji candlestick pattern that signifies a possible profit taking in this counter.

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Nickel Technical outlook for short term 23.07.2014
Nickel July contract on mcx inched 10 rupee up to settle at 1145.60. Nickel has witnessed a nice rally and headed an intraday high of 1154.80.

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Natural Gas Short term view based on Technical Charts 22.07.2014
Natural gas July contract closed at 232.20 down by 5.60 rupees. Natural gas has witnessed a nice decline and heading towards 230 zones. 

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Aluminium Technical Outlook for short term trader 18.07.2014
Aluminum July contract settled at 119.65 up by 1.70 rupees. Aluminum continued moving up and settled well above 118 zones that keeps bullishness intact in this counter.

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