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New Batches for 

Advance Diploma of Financial Accounting and Business Taxation starting from 25th August 2022

Course Duration - 9 Months




Business Accounting

 Basics of Accounts
 Accounting Standard
 Types of Accounts
 Basics of Tally ERP9
 Creation / Setting up of Company in Tally ERP9
 Creating Accounting Masters in Tally ERP9
 Setting up Accounts Heads
 Group & Ledger Creation
 Voucher Entry
 Debit & Credit Note
 Creating Inventory Masters in Tally ERP9
 Stock Groups Godowns / Locations
 Unit of Measure Stock Items
 Advance Accounting in Tally ERP9
 Bill Wise Details
 Cost Centres and Cost Categories
 Invoice Entry using voucher categories
 Payment vouchers using voucher classes
 Stock Journal using vouchers classes
 Adjusting Forex Gain / Loss 
 Bank Reconciliation 
 Interest Calculation
 Creating a Group Budget
 Order Processing in Tally ERP9
 Sale / Purchase order processing
 Display Columnar orders & Stock Details
 Reorder Levels
 Tracking Numbers
 Bill of Materials
 Price Levels & Price Lists
 Stock Valuation
 Zero valued Entries


Module-2 (GST & TDS/TCS with Tally ERP9)
GST Filing with Tally ERP9
 What is Goods & Service Tax Act 2017
 Types of Taxes under GST
 How will GST work in Tally ERP9 ?
 Introduction to GST Invoice
 Invoice format under GST Regime
 Introduction to Credit Note in GST
 Credit Note in GSTRIB & GSTRI
 Bill of Supply in GST
 E-way bill in GST
 Introduction to GSTR1
 Introduction to GSTR3B
 Introduction to GSTR2A
 Matching of GSTR2A with GSTR3B
 GSTR3B Correction
 GSTR1 Reconciliation
 File GSTR3B from Tally ERP9
 File GSTR1 using Tally ERP9
 Generate Eway Bills using Tally ERP9
 How to Pass Accounting Entries under GST 
 Point of Sale (POS)

TDS Filing with Tally ERP9

 TDS Process
 TDS Features in Tally ERP9
 Enabling TDS in Tally ERP9
 Recording Basic TDS Transactions
 Transactions Involving TDS
 Payments of TDS
 Generating TDS Challan
 Recording Advanced TDS Transactions
 Transactions involving TDS
 Adjustments in TDS
 TDS on Expenses with Inventory
 TDS on Fixed Assets
 TDS on Sales Commission
 Reversal of Excess TDS Deducted
 TDS Reports
 Challan Reconciliation
 TDS Return
 Out Standing (TDS Payable)
 TDS Not Deducted

Module-3 (Payroll & Income Tax with Tally ERP9)
Payroll with Tally ERP9

 Payroll Accounting & Compliance 
 Configuring Payroll in Tally ERP9
 Processing Payroll in Tally ERP9
 Accounting for Employees PF Contribution 
 Processing Employer PF Contribution
 Payment of PF
 Accounting for Employer ESI Contributions
 Processing Employer ESI Contribution
 Payment of ESI
 Payment of Professional Tax
 Generating Payroll Reports
 Pay Sheet
 Payroll Statement
 Payroll Register
 Employee Pay head Break up
 Shortcut keys

Income Tax with Tally ERP9

 Introduction to Income Tax 
 Configuring Income Tax in Tally ERP9
 Income Tax Master Configuration
 Employees Income Tax Declarations 
 Override Income Tax
 Tax Configuration
 Pay Head creation for Income Tax Deduction 
 Processing Salary with Income Tax Deduction
 Income Tax Reports
 Income Tax Returns

Income Tax E-Filing

 Introduction of Income Tax
 Computation and Filing of ITR01
 Computation and E Filing of ITR02 ( Income from House & Property )
 Computation and E Filing of ITR02 ( Income from Capital Gain & Agriculture )
 Computation & E Filing of ITR03
 Computation of Presumptive income & E Filing of ITR04
 Computation  of Partnership Firm & E Filing of ITR05
 Computation  of Companies Return & E Filing of ITR06
 Online Registration for PAN

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) / Tax Collected at Source (TCS) E-Filing

 Introduction of Taxation in India
 Payment to other than Salary Return 26Q
 TDS Return Form 26Q
 Salary Components with Payroll
 TDS Return Form 24Q
 Tax Collection at Sources
 Payment to Non-Resident 27Q
 About Traces Website
 Interest & Penalty 
 TDS on Property & Rent 
 TAN ( Tax deduction & collection )

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

 Introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST)
 Structure of GST
 Invoicing in GST
 Input Tax Credit & Payment in GST
 GST Return Filing
 Composition Scheme Under GST
 Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
 E-Way Bill under GST
 Registration under GST 


Register Yourself for new Accounting and Business Taxation Batch
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