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Competition in every domain and industry has  convinced people to think deeply to give more than cent percent to stay firm to get succeed and to retain existing customers.


In this domain especially with the inception of a number of world-class educational institutes, accreditation from top financial organization research houses & investment banking companies. And above all an excellent environment and Infrastructure.

Let us explain about our Institute. NIFM is a leading Financial Research & Training organization, backed by more than 10 years of experience in international and domestic Investment financial products.

We cater to a global client base for Stock Market Analysis & Practical live Trading and Capital Market training, advanced practical  Forex training, and Investment services with  Low risk Systematic Trading by our Experienced, skilled and Scholar Mentors

Besides that now a days its is added advantage to obtain Certifications in NISM We proud to say that those students studied in our institution, he or she crack the Certificates (100%) and which will really very help full to escalate their career.


At NIFM Students have come not only from Pune Maharashtra , out of the state, such as Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan , Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya Bengal (Kolkata), Jharkhand and besides we have Students those who have come from abroad such as Dubai, Singapore and South Africa.


NIFM offers you various courses relevant to finance field. We strongly believe that this is a right platform which facilitates lots of opportunities about your career path. As financial sector is the booming Industries across the Globe.

Also we have started notion of learning which is known smart learning. Writing about Smart learning or adapting learning is changing classrooms by taking different route from less memorization and ensuring to create more dynamic learning environments. Classrooms are well equipped by LED tv, adapting new technology so that encouraging students to get up their benches and explore the world and knowledge     


Batches already started from 10th of July of last year 2017. At presents 6 batches are being conducted on a daily & weekly basis.


Explore the new opportunities to become Financial Expertise



If You Have Any Questions Call Us On (+91)- 9022595581

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If You Have Any Questions Call Us On (+91)- 9022595581

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