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What is book building in stock market?
A book building is a process which is used by companies when they are raising capital through IPO. Book building is actually a process for efficient price discovery of shares. 

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Posted on: 17-May-2017 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
Magic of reversal candlestick pattern
This is the truth of the market that nobody can tell us about the top and the bottom of the market. But candlestick can help you to identify the bottom or the top where reversal is possible. Learn the art of trading in NIFM.

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What is Secondary Market in Stock Market?
Secondary market is a place where you can trade in securities. The company which is listed in stock market is available for trading in secondary market only. 

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Why should you invest in stock market?
First of all everybody should invest in stock market. The reason behind that you may get good interest if you will compare than other investment like banks, mutual funds, property, gold etc. But it is not possible without information. Before going to invest in anything you work out for that same here in stock market, you have to know what, where, when you have to buy or exit in share market.

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3 Black Crows candlestick reversal pattern in zinc, what it means?
Technical Analysis is a method to predict the future price on the basis of past price movements. This method will help you to generate a call for intraday, short term and long term.Candlestick gives signals for reversal trend.

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Posted on: 11-Apr-2017 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
What is Primary market?
The primary market is a platform where an investor gets chance to invest in a company through the IPO. Which is helpful for private companies as well government.

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Posted on: 30-Mar-2017 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
Common investing mistakes in share market
Trading in stock market is not so easy.  Share market is highly volatile market where investment is difficult, much harder than the people think. You must not repeat those mistake.

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What is sentiment analysis in stock market?
Sentiment analysis or you can say crowd psychology. When then trend is moving one sided that is consider the most of the trader sentiment are in that way.

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Posted on: 14-Mar-2017 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
How to trade in Bullish Market?
There are so many traders who are applying technical chart to analyze the stock or commodity for trading intraday, short term or long term but the problem is sometimes they do silly mistakes like they skip to check the primary chart or lagging indicators which is most important. 

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Posted on: 22-Feb-2017 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
What is speculation means in share market?
Share market is not for speculations whoever trying to do speculation in share market will lose their hard earn money after some times. Never ever do speculation. Learn the depth of technical or fundamental analysis otherwise you will never earn from share market. For fundamental analysis or technical analysis course join NIFM.

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