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Student FAQs

Q1 How can I take admission into this course?
Ans. You can directly fill the admission form on link www.nifm.in/admission-form-nifm.php  or  visit our nearest study center to take admission into these courses.

Q2 What are the eligibility criteria to apply for any of your courses?
Ans. Minimum qualification should be 10th pass.  You can directly take admission in these courses after matriculation.

Q3 How can I get benefit from this course?
Ans. You can make career in broking houses, financial institutions, insurance companies, mutual fund houses, research companies and in banking sector. Also you can became a broker or sub-broker or work as investor or trader.

Q4 Does this course help me in making my career?
Ans. Yes, obviously it will help you to make your career into financial market industry, banking sector, insurance company, broking houses and research houses, financial institutions and investment banking sector as terminal operator/dealer, relationship executive and manager, executive or manager in rms, executive and manager in depository department DP, executive and manager in backoffice department, tecnical and fundamental analyst or research analyst or assistant to research analyst and many more positions.

Q5 What are the career opportunities?
Ans. You can make your career as
terminal operator/dealer, relationship executive and manager, executive or manager in rms, executive and manager in depository department DP, executive and manager in backoffice department, tecnical and fundamental analyst or research analyst or assistant to research analyst and many more positions or you can became a broker or sub-broker and do business, or you can open you research advisory company and give research tips to your clients.

Q6 What about Placements?
Ans. We provide placements in different companies for details pls visit http://www.nifm.in/preferred-employer.php 

Q7 Is there any Job Guatantee?
Ans. Yes, We provide 100% Job guarantee in our adv diploma in financial market management program and job assistance in our diploma and certification courses. 

Q8 What can I do in stock market after doing this course if I don’t want to do job after this course?
Ans. Good question, see you can start your own trading and manage your own portfolio in this market,
you can became a broker or sub-broker and do business, or you can open you research advisory company and give research tips to your clients.

Q9 Do you provide in writing that these courses are the job oriented courses?
Ans. Yes, in Advanced Diploma in Financial Market Course course we provide in writing that we will provide 100% Job Guarantee after completion of the course and after successfull completion(passing) of all 10 SE and SEBI Modules certification course covered in this course.

Q10 What is the Course Curriculum?
Ans. See, We have our whole course curriculum available on our Website www.nifm.in/courses-certification.php

Q11 What are the examination pattern of these courses?
Ans. All the exams are multiple choice question answers and the exams are organized online. 

Q12 What is the maximum time duration of doing these Courses?
Ans. Time duration varies from course to course from 1 month to 1 year.

Q13 If a candidate for any reason not appearing or appeared in the exam. Is there any provision for fee refund?
Ans. No, there is no such type of provision in our organization. Fee is not refundable in any case.

Q14 What are the enclosures that should be attached with the confirmation of getting admission into this courses?
Ans. You should have your educational certificates, one photograph, ID Proof, address proof and the fee should be deposited.

Q15 Why Should I do this course?
Ans. See there is no such compulsion for doing these courses.
Yes, you may do this if you want to make money from stock market and career in financial market.

Q16 When does the admission procedure start?
Ans.  We starts new batch in every month, so you can took admission before 1st of every month.

Q17 Is this a Degree Course or Diploma Course?
Ans. These are the vocation certification and diploma courses.

Q18 Do you provide sample paper for these examinations?
Ans. Yes, We have our online model test papers for all the courses www.nifm.in/mock-test.php 

Q.19 If I am not satisfied with the course, Can I cancel the admission and take refund?
Ans. No, It is not possible.

Q.20 Can I change my study centre?
Ans. Yes, You may migrate from one branch to another branch by giving 2500 fee extra.

Q21 How much time do I need to give daily in the institute?
Ans. It depends upon course to course. But still you have 2hrs theory classes on alternate days and for practical you may come daily from 10am to 3.30pm its optional.

Q22 What are the facilities that you provide apart from the regular classes?
Ans. See, We provide all the materials related to the courses and practical training. After completion of the course students will get placement assistance, we have our own online mock test platform for practice for NCFM and NISM certification examination and other exams.
Q23 How will I come to know about latest vacancies?
Ans. You can check the page
www.nifm.in/present-openings.php   for current job openings in broking houses and research companies and will get regular mail alerts from our side.

Q24 Can I pay the fees in Installments?
Ans. Yes, you may.

Q25 How many lectures are there in a course?
Ans. It depends upon course to course.

Q26 Where can I find the course detail?
Ans. You can find the course detail through our centre and through our web site also www.nifm.in/courses-certification.php 

Q27 Do you provide classes for those who are in job?
Ans. Yes, we are having batches for those candidates also who are working on weekend basis and in evenings on weekdays.

Q28 Do NIFM also provide Franchisee?
Ans. Yes, we provide Franchise in all cities in India.

Q29 Is there a guarantee of my selection in reputed broking houses after taking the classes in your institute?
Ans. We provide job guarantee only in adv diploma in financial market management and diploma in equity sales. And job assistance in other courses but there is no guarantee to provide you the job in a particular designation or in a particular company, it depends on in which compnay job opening are open. 

Q30 What are the qualifications of your respected Faculties?
Ans. It depends upon course to course and faculty to Faculty. But they all are well qualified.

Q31 Are you providing extra classes, If I have some doubts?
Ans. Yes, We Do.

Q32 How much time you take to declare the result?
Ans. Same time, It is online, NSE and SEBI organise exams and provide marksheets prints on same time and NIFM will provide your the certification after completion of the course you have enroled.

Q33 What makes you different from other institutes?
Ans. We believe in quality not in quantity. We have designed our job oriented courses after discussion with HR department of many companies working in financial market industry, we understand their requirement and what they need in a candidate, by understanding these requirements we made our courses best in the industry. Also the courses designed for stock marekt beginners and expert traders are consult with portfolio managers and research houses who are specilized to manage the funds. It makes NIFM courses special and it makes NIFM different from other institutes. We make sure that a candidate will get all ncfm and nism certifications in which they have enrolled. 

Q34 Do NIFM have a specific dress code for students?
Ans. No, We don’t have specific dress code for the students.

Q35 What are the different time slots for your different batches?
Ans. Weekday and weekend batches 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 3pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm, 1pm-3pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm, 7pm-9pm

Q36 What is the format of NIFM examination?
Ans. See, the format of all the examinations are available online on our site www.nifm.in/mock-test.php 

Q37 Is there any age limit for your students?
Ans. No, anyone can do this after matriculation.

Q38 When can I register for NIFM examination?
Ans. You can register anytime online or offline for any of our courses.

Q39 Can I apply for two or more courses at a time?
Ans. Yes, You may.

Q40 What is the procedure for seeking admission in your courses?
Ans. You just have to submit the documents along with your fees and fill the admission form. It is a basic formality.

Q42 Does there any exemption for physically disabled students?
Ans. As NIFM has philanthropically inclined, It offers liberal discount to physically disabled aspiring candidates. However the offered discount will depend upon the degree of disability of the candidate according to his certificate of disability. 

Q43 Do you have Campus Placement?
Ans. Yes, we have.

Q44 Is there a Negative marking in the exam?
 Ans. Yes, there is negative marking in our exam and in nse and sebi exams.

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