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This Web site is provided for educational and in formational purposes only and does not constitute providing stock market advice. The information provided should not be used for playing in stock market. We are not giving any advice for buy sell of any company shares  to individuals or company by this Web site.  Neither the NIFM  nor its employees, nor any contributor to this Web site, makes any representations, express or implied, with respect to the information provided herein or to the its use.

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The NIFM web pages are frequently updated and improved. New content will be added as it is available. Although we will attempt to keep information in the NIFM web accurate, the accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. The seals and logos of NIFM copyrighted and may not be used in Web pages, electronic, or written publications without the express permission of NIFM.

The NIFM web pages are maintained by many departments and organizations across campus. Assignment for the coordination and development of the NIFM web resources has been given to the Webmaster committee, made up of representatives from Computer and Information Systems, NIFM and other campus departments. For further information, please call 011-45646322 or fill out our contact form.

The personal staff and student home pages maintained on the NIFM web servers are the sole responsibility of the users who have chosen to make information publicly available on the web. The personal home pages and the opinions or information contained within are the creation of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of NIFM.

Major sections within the NIFM  web should have a link to this disclaimer page along with the electronic mail address of the person(s) responsible for maintaining that particular section.

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