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Vision & Mission



Our vision builds on our beliefs that:

  • Financial markets should be equitable, free and efficient so that every investor has a chance to earn a fair return.
  • The interests of the ultimate investor must take precedence over the interests of all other market participants.
  • High ethical principles and self – regulatory standards are as important to market efficiency and fairness as rules and regulations.


Knowledge is the greatest weapon of mankind

NIFM is dedicated to excellence in lifelong learning and empowerment in the field of education of Financial Markets by providing quality and competent learning opportunities, resulting in improved intellectual, skilled and well trained Professional. To enhance the glow of knowledge through quality educational programmes by taking it a step ahead and making it accessible to all. Wish to make new generation powered by education.


In advancing our mission, we are dedicated to building a NIFM institute that :

  • All serious investment professionals aspire to be a part of NIFM.
  • Investment professional go to first when seeking credentials and continuing education.
  • Leads the industry's thinking in the area of ethics, integrity and excellence of practice.
  • Partners with its network of strong societies to deliver on the mission
  • Forever derives its strength and energy from its highly qualified volunteers and professional staff.

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