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Arbitrageurs attempts to profit from price inefficiencies in the market by making simultaneous trades that offset each other and capture risk-free profits. An arbitrageur would, for example, seek out price discrepancies between stocks listed on more than one exchange, buy the undervalued shares on the one exchange while short selling the same number of overvalued shares on the other exchange, thus capturing risk-free profits as the prices on the two exchanges converge.

Program Highlights

Job oriented & self  trading course.
This course is endorsed by top arbitraging houses
Be a arbitrager in 72 hours.
Faculties of arbitrager course are from top arbitraging companies with 5-10 yrs of experience.
Became a successful arbitrager
placement assistance in good companies

Program Fee - 35,000 + GST ( In Installment )
Program Fee - 30,000 + GST ( One Time Payment )
Program duration – 3 Months

MBA & BBA Students
Working Professionals
Traders & Investors
BA. B.Sc. Pursuing Students
Those wants to pursue their career as arbitrager


  • Grab Arbitrage opportunities in two markets or segements
  • Implement useful strategies of arbitrage
  • Become a adept trader who have hands on NSE/BSE/Futures & Options Markets
  • After course you will be able to do abitraging.
  • Cash to cash arbitraging
  • Cash to future arbitraging
  • Future to future arbitraging
  • Future to options arbitraging
  • Options to options arbitraging

Theoritical Classes:
Monday-Wednesday-Friday/Tuesday-Thrusday-Saturday /Saturday-Sunday
Practical Classes:
Monday to Friday (All days-Full Time 10.00am-3.30pm as per candidate requirement)


Module 1: Introduction to Capital & Derivatives Market
  • Indian Financial System-An Overview 
  • (Cash Market & Derivatives Market) 
  • Governing Bodies and Market Participants
  • Indian Derivatives Market
  • Introduction to Index
  • Types of Stock Market Indices
  • Forward and Future Contracts
  • Future Pricing concept 
  • Payoff Charts for future contracts
  • Introduction to Options
  • Payoff Charts for options
  • Option Pricing and Options Greeks
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Theta
  • Vega 
  • Rho
  • Open Interest Theory
  • Trading system
  • Clearing and Settlement Mechanism
  • Risk Management
  • Margining system
Module 2: Options Strategies
  • Bullish Strategies
  • Bearish Strategies
  • Straddle Strategies
  • Strangle Strategies
  • Ratio Spread Strategies
  • Butterfly Strategies
  • Condor Strategies
  • Calendar Spread Strategies
  • Put Call Parity
  • Volatility Spread Strategies
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Reversal Strategy
  • Box Spread Strategies





Module 3: Arbitraging
  • What is Arbitrage?
  • Concept and technique of Arbitrage
  • Arbitrage Terminologies 
  • How to make trade in Arbitrage
  • Cash to Cash Arbitrage
  • Cash to Future Arbitrage
  • Future to Future Arbitrage
  • Calendar Spread Arbitrage
  • Options Arbitrage
  • Live Hand on Cash Market, Future and Options.
  • Live Trading Platforms 
  • Live Arbitrage-NSE to BSE (Cash to Cash), 
  • Live Arbitrage-NSE to NSE (Cash to Future), 
  • Live Arbitrage-Commodity.
  • Live Options Arbitrage
  • Pair trading, Managing Risk Using Options, Spread Contracts
  • Capital market, Derivative market
  • Market Forces- Demand & Supply
  • Industry Reports & Analysis, Economic Cycle

Career Opportunity

A arbitrager can join arbitraging houses, fund management companiesa and do own investment and trading thorugh arbitraging.


Candidate should be minimum 10+2.

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