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Career Benefits as Franchise of NIFM

NIFM business model is based on a win-win situation wherein both, the franchise and the parental company, benefits from the relationship in well respected segment.

Education industry is the ever grown industry, India is a dense populated country and every one have to took good education and latest demanded education to grow and achieve their goal. NIFM researched the whole education industry and find that banking and financial market education is the latest one that will grow on a very fast pace. In current time their is a huge demand and in near future their will be a huge gap in demand and supply of qualified and knowledgeble candidates in banking and finance sector. Apart from this their is a need of financial products education for everyone, either you are in job or businness in any field to manage your own wealth.

Today people loose their hard earned money by investing in financial products because of the lack of financial products knowledge. One percent of them understand the value of education and find institute which provides courses on financial products and services, like debt market, insurance products, mutual fund products, about stock market, about share market, about currency market, about forex market, about commodity market, about banking, about demat services, about bonds and how to do researh for the best investment product and those are the one who are called smart and their money is named as smart money.

NIFM is providing courses on all these segment which are demanded in todays economy with job oriented short term and long term courses with job placement assistance and other research, investment and trading related training courses in banking and financial market industry with specialzed in stock market or equity market course.   

Benefits as NIFM Franchisee :

  • Most reputed brand in the Financial Market training industry. It is a student's preferred choice when it comes to stock market education.
  • NIFM is also very well known among the corporate as a Stock Market Training service provider.
  • Provides total solutions in financial markets theoretical and practical training requirements.
  • NIFM has mastered the art of delivering quality training. The technical and business know-how is readily made available to the partner.
  • Affiliations with most of the Broking Houses, Commercial Banks, Financial companies & Institutions, Insurance companies etc for the placement of the sucessful candidates.
  • Perfect organization hierarchy (parallel verticals) to support the partners. There are time tested systems and processes to effectively support and consultancy to the partners.
  • There is a wide mix of courses, which are offering at very effective denominations and ensure good career prospects.
  • Excellent, comprehensive course are coupled with quality teaching through Projector/LCD/Video based education.
  • The business model is proved and time tested. The feasibility of running an NIFM center is proven from the fact that no NIFM center is incurring financial losses.
  • Centralized and re-finalized marketing activities are well planned and executed.
  • NIFM has number of consultants (Senior and successful professionals from the industry) on board to envision the goals and guide the company to achieve these goals.
  • NIFM provides 100% Job assistance to students who enrolls under Advance Diploma In Fiancial Market Management Course & Advance Diploma in financial Accounting & Business Taxation.
  • NIFM is the only institute which provides Classroom as well as Online course, mock test in Stock Market & Accounting Taxation.
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