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  • Job Oriented Courses
    Every one who wants to be a sucessful in today's life needs skills in a particular field. Financial market industry is a very large industry in Indian economy. Every bank, financial institution, insurance company, mutual fund house, research house, investment banking company and NBFC came under this category. There is a lot of requirement of skilled manpower in these industry. We are offering course with both JOB assistance and 100% JOB GUARANTEE.
    Job Guarantee Course(1 Year):   detail
    (Advance Diploma in Financial Market Management)
    Job Guarantee Course(6 Month):detail
    (Diploma in Equity sales)
    Job Assist. Course(6 Month):      DEtail

    (Diploma in Financial Market Management)

    Job Assist. Course(6 Month):        DETAIL

    (Certificate Course in Stock Market)


    1. JOB Gaurantee in written

    2. Get Certification from NIFM + NSE + SEBI

    3. If required get job after 4 months

    4. Practical on  Live trading terminals - ODIN Software

    5. Help to start business as sub-brokership if required

  • Stock Market Course for Beginners
    If you are beginner or fist time invester and visiting this site, you are smart one and surely you will make your money smart money. We have designed special customized courses from basic to advance level, to understand what is share market and commodity market and how it works and how you can earn profit by investing and trading. To make money from share market you should have complete knowledge of how to invest, whare to invest and how to analyse the market. 

    Level-1 for Beginner(1 Month):DETAIL

    (Smart Investor: Basic Level-1course on Stock, F&O, Commodity and Forex Market)
    Level-2 for Beginner(1 Month):DETAIL
    (Technical Analysis: Level-2 course for research in Equity, commodity and currency market)
    Level-3 for Beginner(1 Month):DETAIL

    (Fundamental Analysis: Level-3 course for research, data analysis, news and event analysis)

    Level-4 for Beginner(1 Month):DetAIL

    (Options Strategy: Level-4 course to know how to make strategies in future and options trading.


    1. Practical on Live Trading terminal (10am - 3.30pm)

    2. Learn how to trade online (all top softwares)

    3. Guide how to open account with best facilities.

  • NCFM & NISM Certification Courses
    NSE and SEBI made mendatory NCFM and NISM Certification Examination for all candidates whom want to get JOB in broking houses, research house, banks, financial institutions etc, By making compulsary for broking houses and other instituions to appoint a certified candidate and send his/her certificate id to the NSE/ SEBI, only after that they will give access of their services to the companies.
    NCFM Certification (1-2 Month):  DETAIL
    (1-2 Months required to prepare for the modules available in NSE exam)
    NISM Certification (1-2 Month):   DETAIL
    (1-2 Months required to prepare for the modules available in SEBI exam)

    1. Get Certification from NIFM for the Module

    2. Get Certification from NSE and SEBI

    3. Assistance in Job Placement after 2 Modules

    4. Practice on Live softwares - ODIN

    5. Help to start business as sub-brokership if required

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