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Benefits of Smart Investor Course
A stock market course specially designed for beginners who want to know the basic of stock market trading   

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Posted on: 06-Oct-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
Trading strategy with divergence for stock market
There are so many ways to generate a call by the help of techncial analysis. Divergence is also helpful while generating a call with the help of price action and oscillators action.  

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Posted on: 04-Aug-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
Golden Rules for trading in stock market
Every trader should make Rule for trading in stock market and should follow the rules with decipline.

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Posted on: 30-Jun-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
What is the OPEC Why it is important
OPEC decision is very important for the world market as you know the crude oil demand in the world market. We cant move even a step without crude oil. Trader must cares about it.

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Posted on: 04-Jun-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
Nifty may correct according to bearish chart pattern
There are lots of chart patterns in technical analysis for short term and long term traders. Traders must know about these chart patterns so that they can earn good amount from share or commodity market.

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Posted on: 21-Apr-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
Fed Chairman and Us president meet on US Economy
US President Mr. Obama met with Fed Chair Janet Yellen on last Monday to discuss about the U.S. economy.

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Posted on: 12-Apr-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
How to trade in falling market?
Technical analysis is the best choice if you are thinking the stock market is in bearish mode. It is best in swing and short term trading.

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Posted on: 23-Feb-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
What is Caixin Manufacturing PMI data and the importance of the data.
Caixin Manufacturing PMI is leading indicator which is important for CNY currency and Base metals.

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Posted on: 04-Jan-2016 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
What is CPI y/y data and the importance of this data
Market moves according to fundamental news as well as technical analysis. These kind of data is considering in Fundamentals analysis. Various Data released time to time which effect our market. Trade must know about it. 

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Posted on: 09-Dec-2015 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')
What is US Building Permits Data and the importance of Data
A high impact data which will affect the World's Major Currency, Metals, Energy as well as Indices. It comes in a month it is a kind of lagging indicator for economic health.

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Posted on: 17-Nov-2015 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('0')



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