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There are so many way to earn after retirement or to earn from home. Stock market is the bestest way to earn money from home because you dont need huge money or infrastructure. You guys need only a personal computer and internet, thats it. 

A stock market is a platoform where you can trade in share or commodity which is listed in Exchange. 

To start trading in share or commodity market you have to open your trading account with any broking firm like ELITE WEALTH ADVISORY OR SHAREKHAN. 

Now you people need information about the stock or commodity which is good for buy or sell. You can trade according to Fundametal Basis or you trade on the basis of Technical Analysis.

The best way to trade in market is Technical analysis because you need a software only which will provide you charts only but in the other hand for fundamental basis you have to know the Current news and impact of the news on the stock or commodity, you have to know the co-relation also. Fundamentals take time to generate calls but in technical it will take 5 to 10 mins only.

In technical analysis you will enter in the bottom of the market and you exit before correction. There are so many candlesticks which will give you signals to buy and sell.

Learn About share market and earn from share market or commodity market. For detail call NIFM 

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