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Covid 19 impact on stock marketBack

 This evil virus has created different situations for all if we compare this to others we find that covid 19 has spread all over the world but other pademic spread were limited also during other pademics economic activities were normal than time. This time covid 19 has stopped   all economic activities  globally. Business are shut down people are facing financial and health crisis at the same time.lets understand the impact of covid 19 on stock market as we we discussed that it led the shutdown of business so it created direct impact on the economy global GDP are down IMF predicted many countries would have negative GDP which means this worst than recession even this worst to than depression. Global demand is down by anything. We know that stock market is the true picture of the economy and this thrilling picture tells us that we are going to face some real financial as well as health problem due to covid 19 . We also know that problems are temporary this problem will solve by the time. Every problem has an opportunity as well we have seen in the past whenever stock market corrected by 40-50 percent it has great Long term investment value people who invested at lower levels on correction made  lots of money out of stock market so this opportunity can be seen in the current market scenario but those who don't have much knowledge about stock market can invest by taking expert's advice .


Posted on: 01-Jun-2020 | Posted by: NIFM | Comment('1')
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