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For trading in equity or commodity market there are three main ways to analyse about the stock:

1.  Fundamental Analysis

2. Technical Analysis

3. Sentiment Basis

Fundamental analysis is basically for investor who is looking for 1-2 years investment which is based on Economic data, Earning Reports, GDP etc. If the market is in bearish mode this theory will not work well.

Technical analysis is an art which is based on historical data of the securities, its provides different time frame so that u can generate intraday, short term and long terms calls. If the trend is down whenever you are getting sell call sell that securities if it suggest you for buy ignore that bcz the trend is in now. In TA we will teach you candlesticks, chart patterns, Indicators and oscillators, Elliot wave, Dow theory, Fibonacci Sequesnce and many more. So that you sell in falling market and book at bottom levels. 

Sentiment analysis is based on market sentiment. Which may give false signal sometimes end of the week or month traders are in loss.

Finally the calculation is if the market is in bearish Technical will help you in your trading skills. Learn Technical analysis before investing in stock or commodity market. for detail contact us

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