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The entire world is facing the pandemic due toCorona virus . this virus has almost defeated the scientists all over the world . The global index have shown huge correction in recent days and after the huge correction markets showed some relief and the  global markets bounced back from lows . Meanwhile the tensions between America and China escalating ,the reason behind tension is obviously corana virus as America believes that the Corona virus had been created by China in vuhan laboratory and China spread this virus in the world . When America asked china to investigate about this virus in china by American scientists china denied to allow them to investigate so this deniel mode by china made America believed that china is responsible to create this problem and China is hiding something to the world . As we all know that America has election in this year and Mr. Trump has big challenges before election so anyhow he would try to solve the problem as soon as possible so that he could win the election in 2020 .Mr Trump  has already blamed W.H.O for delayed  informed about Corona virus he also said that W.H.O favoured chind over corana virus . Now Mr Trump has decided to impose export duty on china and this will create huge tension for global market as already the growth in the world predicted negative by IMF and if this tension grows then global markets Will show blood bath again.

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