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Technical Analysis is basically indicates the demand or supply of the particular stock, commodity or currency. On the basis of historical data and volume we can identify the trend of the stock or commodity. Price always move in a trend till the trend line break. 

There are so many methods for trading like fundamental, technical or sentiment trading. The best-est way to trade in market is Technical Analysis! If a trader buy or sell any trade-able script just because of he/she think that market will rise or fall then this is totally a gambling. In that case may be you will loose or win but the ratio will never give you good results.

But if you are using technical charts then the chances of profit ratio will increase. There are so many indicators , candlestick and chart patterns the will help you in your adjact entry. Where to buy or sell the stock or commodity. 

MACD and MOVING AVERAGES tell you the trends. Oscillator alerts you at over bought or over sold zone. Volume confirm the breakout or trends. 

Where to Exit from market what will be the best stop loss you will come to after learning the technical analysis.

So friends before trading in any markets you must the knowledge of the particular market then about the technical analysis. The best Institute is NIFM for stock market course already running well in delhi.  Join NIFM then start your trading before trading in markets.


Benefits of Technical Analysis
Benefits of Technical Analysis
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